Kristine Kilvik's first strides as a jazz-pop artist prompted comparisons to legends like Norah Jones and Regina Spektor, inspired the likes of Coldplay and Susanne Sundfør. Creating music that falls between orchestrated meditations and stripped-down poetics, Kilvik draws the listener into the spirit of each song with a deep internal connection.

The young Norwegian artist, producer and songwriter, started her musical career in 2014, with a national tour of Norway.
In January 2015 she released her debut album "The Symphony of a Dawning Spring" which reached #1 on Norway's iTunes' "Top Albums" list.

Kilvik co-produced the album with American producer Byron Eggehorn, and was released by Kilvik Records. Music distributor ‘Indigo Boom’ reviewed the album saying, "This is possibly the first, but far from the last time you hear about Kristine (Kilvik). The music press praises her latest release."

Born and raised in Norway’s coastal south, Kristine Kilvik discovered her love for music at an early age; beginning her musical journey with piano lessons and honing her skills in local bands. As a vocalist and pianist she developed a unique blend of jazz, traditional vocal pop and soul.

With silky smooth vocals and intricate piano melodies, Kristine Kilvik creates a beautiful live performance. Experiential, heart-felt lyrics and crystal clear melodies shine through to bring new colours to the pop-landscape. As winner of Bandwagon 2012 in Tønsberg, the jury concluded that “Kilvik’s stylistic, sturdy conducted jazz ballad is greatly arranged and carries her voice in an exemplary manner.”

Now performing with her band, Kristine Kilvik is confirming her reputation as one of Oslo’s fastest up and coming talents. Guitarist Andreas Dihle joined Kilvik on a splitt concert in 2015, and quickly became a permanent fixture. 

In 2017 she released her second self produced album. The EP "Paper Planes" got 4 stars from Bergensmagasinet and they said she is "a talent to keep your ears open for". 

«This is an artist with great lyrics and powerful vocals »
-Elisabeth Victoria Mariboe, 2017

This year Kristine Kilvik and her band, now consisting of Erlend Børresen, Agnes Andersen, Andreas Kristiansen, Ingrid Fantoft, Martin Runde, Line Gunnersen and Kristine her self, will be releasing new music! The genre is the same, but with a slightly more electronic touch to it. The language, on the other hand, has switched from English to their mother tounge. The single "Verken, eller" will be released the of may 2022. The of may they will have a release concert at Uhørt in Oslo. 



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